Meet Our Editors!

Catherine Foster is a twelve year editing veteran and an accomplished author of over 70 published works. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her own work. This, combined with her experience as the submissions editor for Bedlam Publishing, gives her a unique perspective on keeping manuscripts from the dreaded circular file. In fact, she boasts a remarkable 86% rate of her edited works being published. She is also a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

When asked about the most memorable work she has edited, she said, “The thing I am most proud to have worked on is an upcoming volume of poetry by Ramez Qureshi (publication date 12/2017). He was a student who died just prior to 9/11. The Estate put all of his things in storage for years, and when they went through them a few years ago, they found a treasure trove of amazing poetry, but a lot of it was unintelligible. They contacted two companies to transcribe it before they came to us, but no one was able to do it. I took the job, and after hundreds of painstaking hours of pouring over letters, I was able to decode Ramez’s entire collected works. One of the poems was written on the last day he died. It was touching and heartfelt beyond belief, and I was forever changed by the experience. I wrote about the experience in my own memoir. I later was part of the team who selected and edited a first round of the poems for publication, and this is an incredibly personal endeavor for me. I am so honored to help bring Ramez’s words to light after so long.”

When she isn’t working with the written word, Catherine spends her days raising her children and chasing her six cats and three dogs. She also enjoys playing classical piano, practicing her German, and baking fancy cakes and breads.

Melissa Heiselt is an experienced editor and writer. She has worked as a research writer, copywriter, and blog writer for about ten years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and minored in Linguistics. She specializes in higher-level edits; helping with structure and cohesiveness, suggesting alternative words, pointing out discrepancies between the style/tone. A former homeschool teacher, she enjoys the teaching aspect of editing and seeks to always make her clients stronger authors. She taught English in China and spent a number of years doing ESL tutoring.
A self-professed word nerd, she lists the Classics and Fantasy among her favorite genres. Brandon Sanderson, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Shakespeare all top her list of favorite authors. She particularly admires Ms. LeGuin for her precise and beautiful prose.  Melissa loves poetry with a heartbeat and enjoys compulsively critiquing any stray banner, flyer, or fast food sign she sees.

Josh Smith is not a pseudonym. He is, however, an editor with fourteen years of experience. Eleven of the fifteen pieces he has edited for The LetterWorks thus far have either been published, or are forthcoming as of this writing. He co-founded Bedlam Publishing in 2003, and was named Editor-in-Chief in 2010. Bedlam has produced three different magazine titles over the years, as well as various online publication. Their current art/lit digital magazine, Loud Zoo, is in its fourth year, and their first book is scheduled for publication in September.
When he isn’t busy editing, childhood dreams of being a mad scientist and a musician take hold, and he tinkers with found objects and simple circuits with noisy, percussive results. He has a floofy dog named Tractor, who some say is the brains of the operation. His favorite writers include Jeff VanderMeer and Jorge Luis Borges, and as such, loves to edit fiction that exists beyond the boundaries of expectation and familiarity.

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