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What we do

Word Services
  • Copy Editing ♦ Content Editing
  • Transcription ♦ ESL Correction

We guarantee to improve your writing quality. Our editors not only make corrections, but they leave instructions and feedback to allow you to learn from their experience and build on their knowledge. At The LetterWorks, we understand that sharing your writing can be a personal process, and we respect that. That's why our editors specialize in expert but gentle advice without the sting that sometimes comes with the revision process. No project is too big or too small. We'll work together to help you achieve your writing goals!

Our rates are the most competitive on the internet and we offer a money back guarantee!

Our Rates

At the LetterWorks, we work hard to give you an awesome edit at a reasonable price. Just compare our standard rates (in US dollars):

2 Week Guarantee 2 Day Guarantee
First Review Subsequent Reviews First Review Subsequent Reviews
Copy Editing $0.01/word $0.0075/word $0.03/word $0.023/word
Content Editing $0.015/word $0.01/word $0.053/word $0.04/word
Transcription $0.005/word Not Applicable $0.01/word Not Applicable
ESL Editing $0.02/word $0.015/word $0.06/word $0.045/word
In addition to the above, we offer standard manuscript formatting for a flat rate of $20, and for an extra $10 we will create your submission cover letter.
Editing Type Definitions (click to show)
  • Copy Editing: We will provide verification and correction of all spelling, punctuation, grammar, parts of speech, perspective, tense, pronoun matching, continuity, sentence structure, missing words, paragraph length, word choices, the general structure of the language and the language of the text. All non-obvious corrections shall be accompanied by notes, which will help explain why the correction was needed and the rule for that correction.
  • Content Editing: Including everything mentioned in Copy Editing, we will also examine the document for contextual errors, chronological confusion, contradictions, inconsistencies, advice on first lines (hooks), discrepancies in plot, theme development, subplot integration into storyline, file formatting, reference notes (footnotes, bibliography entries, etc.), formatting, and in some cases proof to standards (such as MPAA), limited fact checking and proof to Canon. This is the highest level of editing you can receive, and you can have confidence that your writing will have the most professional appearance possible.
  • Transcription: For converting hard to read works or dictation files into text files.
  • ESL Editing: English as a Second Language. This editing option is for non-native English speakers, and will bring your text to the level of a naturally born English speaker. Please note, this is not a translation service (converting from one language to another), but an editing service for a natural sounding English work.
What is it really going to cost me?

As writers ourselves, we understand the importance of properly edited submissions for publication. If you can be flexible on our completion time, we will be very creative on our pricing and guarantee that you will have your edit completed in two weeks or less (sometimes substantially less!). Of course, we do offer discounts and deals all of the time - check us out on Facebook and Twitter! Or if you have a special circumstance, please contact us and we will definitely work something out! We want you writing, submitting and publishing!

Our Guarantee

You will be 100% satisfied, or your Money back! No restrictions, but we will ask you why you were unhappy, so that we can improve for next time.

  • Timing: Once we quote you the time to complete the editing, we will finish it on or before the time quoted. If not, we will refund your money, and still complete the editing!
  • Confidentiality: We guarantee confidentiality and non-ownership for all paying customers. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
  • Accuracy: If more than one error per thousand words is found after editing, we will refund your entire purchase price!

In all cases, we want you to be satisfied. If you are not happy with your editing but the problem falls outside of the above categories, please contact us and we will make it right!

Our results

So far, 86% of projects edited by The LetterWorks have been published! Let us help you too!

We're proud of our clients' accomplishments! Please join The LetterWorks so that we can help you publicize your successful project, too, by adding it to our list! We guarantee satisfaction with our editing process, and we offer your money back if you are not happy with our services.

About Us

With a combined twenty years in the industry, our team of Josh and Catherine hail from California and Michigan, respectively. Josh is the editor-in-chief at Bedlam Publishing, and Catherine is a professional author with close to fifty published works spanning her career. Their shared love of writing and editing helped launch The Letter Works, where they can assist their clients directly with the skills they have gained through so much experience in the field.

How you can contact us

We love old fashioned correspondence! You can always mail to our address at

P.O. Box 75
Pleasant Lake, MI 49272

But we also would love to hear from you via email!

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We will try to address you question or comment within 24 hours.

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Please contact us for rates; each project is unique and our team prefers to assess your needs and communicate with your directly concerning the level of editing you require. Payment can be made by PayPal, or we accept checks at the following address:

P.O. Box 75
Pleasant Lake, MI 49272


We love it when our customers provide feedback on our efforts. Here is a sampling of the comments we received on from our clients:

  • From —S. Mason

    I've had the privilege of knowing Catherine Foster as far back as 2010, when the now defunct website Perfect Imagination offered contact to beta readers. My previous editor, a personal friend of mine, had to retire due to time constraints so I was new to requesting help from an outside source. I was nervous about trusting my writing to someone I'd never conversed with before, but I took a chance after narrowing Catherine down as the most eligible candidate from the selection of proofreaders.

    Years later and I can't fathom working without her. Catherine's input over the course of my career has become invaluable to the improvement of my writing. The deliberation she's taken to explain her alterations to me are clear and concise. Turnaround on revisions is very reasonable, not to mention Catherine updates me on her progress during every step. Her grasp of word choice, punctuation, and grammar has kept my writing legible without sacrificing my individual style.

    Whether a writer is creating for work or pleasure, Catherine can be counted on to accommodate everyone. If you or someone you know requires a skilled, dedicated editor they can rely on her consideration and professionalism. Catherine's level of proficiency at editing makes her an excellent choice.

What is coming next?

An exciting new concept that will benefit the whole writing community.

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